Actor James Van Der Beek says he was sexually assaulted 

Getty Images for THR/Rich Fury(LOS ANGELES) -- Former Dawson's Creek star James Van Der Beek is the latest actor to speak out about being sexually assaulted in Hollywood.

Van Der Beek opened up about his own experience, writing on Twitter that he understands "the unwarranted shame" that some of the women involved in the Harvey Weinstein scandal have suffered for not coming forward sooner.

"What Weinstein is being accused of is criminal," he tweeted. "What he’s admitted to is unacceptable - in any industry. I applaud everybody speaking out."

"I’ve had my a** grabbed by older, powerful men. I’ve had them corner me in inappropriate sexual conversations when I was much younger," he claimed. "I understand the unwarranted shame, powerlessness & inability to blow the whistle. There’s a power dynamic that feels impossible to overcome," Van Der Beek wrote in another tweet.

Weinstein has been accused by numerous women of sexual harassment and, in some cases, assault. He was later terminated by the board of The Weinstein Co. after the allegations went public.

"Mr. Weinstein believes that all of these relationships were consensual," according to a statement from Weinstein's representative. "Mr. Weinstein has begun counseling, has listened to the community and is pursuing a better path. Mr. Weinstein is hoping that, if he makes enough progress, he will be given a second chance."

Still, the disgraced Hollywood executive said Wednesday in a video obtained by ABC News that he's "got to get help," and has reportedly checked himself into a rehabilitation clinic for behavioral issues, including sex addiction.

Van Der Beek isn't the only actor to speak out about male-on-male sexual assault.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Terry Crews alleged Tuesday he was sexually assaulted at a, "Hollywood function last year" by a, "high level Hollywood executive."

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"Scandal" recap: "Pressing the Flesh" 

ABC/Mitch Haaseth(LOS ANGELES) -- In the Scandal episode "Pressing the Flesh," Olivia prepares for an important state dinner hosting the president of Bashran -- the country she recently blackmailed.

Olivia is extremely concerned about the event since her focus is to get Bashran to remove their nuclear weapons and sign a treaty. She vents to Cyrus who has his own frivolous issues about seating. Meanwhile Abby Whelan gets David Rosen to give her four tickets to the dinner, so she can invite the rest of the gladiators. In attending, they hope to score new clients for Quinn Perkins and Associates.

During a press op with Bashran President Rashad, Mellie tries to discuss the idea of getting rid of nuclear weapons in his country. Rashad quickly shoots it down, telling Mellie that the U.S. should first take its own advice.

Before the dinner, Mellie expresses her frustration in being the president while being a single woman who’s not getting any action.

Meanwhile, in a remote area of the White House, Liv finds Jake and tells him to find dirt on President Rashad just in case Mellie can't convince him to sign the treaty.

At dinner, Mellie tries to explain to Rashad why the treaty is a positive thing. Rashad tells Mellie that signing a treaty could mean the end of his life at the hands of his country’s radicals.

Jake eventually finds some dirt on Rashad, which ends up being that Rashad is sending his niece to a U.S. school so she can get a proper education.

Knowing Rashad is going against his country's ideology, Liv confronts Rashad about his niece in hopes of winning him over. Rashad instead becomes enraged and says he was warned about Liv's devious ways by his ambassador -- the same man who Liv had blackmailed. Rashad says he's going to be leaving soon because of her.

While at the event, Huck spots a questionable military officer. The person ends up being a Bashrani assassin who tries to kill Rashad behind closed doors in the White House. Jake and White House security end up thwarting the attempted assassination. 

After the incident Mellie tries to reason and change Rashad’s mind. Rashad eventually agrees, under one condition: his country's enemy must also sign the same treaty. They drink and toast, and Rashad opens up about his niece to Mellie and how she is inspired by Mellie's presidency. They seem to have developed an affection towards each other.

In the last final moments, Liv gives the scoop on what’s been going to the journalist she's been sleeping with. As they head back to her place, Liv runs into the former president -- Fitz Grant waiting for her at her door.

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"Happy Death Day" and "The Foreigner" among this week's new releases

Universal(LOS ANGELES) -- Opening nationwide on Friday:

* Happy Death Day -- A college student -- played by La La Land's Jessica Rothe -- is forced re-live the day of her murder over and over again until she discovers her killer's identity. Also starring Shameless' Ruby Modine and Israel Broussard. Rated PG-13.

* The Foreigner -- Jackie Chan stars as a businessman, whose long-buried past as a Navy Seal erupts when his daughter is killed in an act of terrorism. His search for the terrorists leads to a game of cat-and-mouse with a government official, whose past may hold the clues to the killers' identities. Pierce Brosnan also stars. Rated R.

* Professor Marston & the Wonder Woman -- Based on the true story of Wonder Woman creator Charles Moulton -- a.k.a. Dr. William Marston -- and his wife Elizabeth -- played by Luke Evans and Rebecca Hall, respectively -- and their relationship with Olive Byrne, portrayed by Bella Heathcote. Rated R.

Opening in limited release on Friday:

* Marshall -- 42's Chadwick Boseman stars in this biopic centering on a young Thurgood Marshall -- the first African-American Supreme Court Justice -- as he battles through one of his career-defining cases. Josh Gad, Kate Hudson and Sterling K. Brown co-star. Rated PG-13.

* Breathe -- Planet of the Apes' Andy Serkis makes his directorial debut in this inspiring story of Robin Cavendish, who, after being diagnosed with polio at the age of 28 and given only months to live, devotes the rest of his life to helping fellow patients. Starring Andrew Garfield, Diana Rigg and Tom Hollander. Rated PG-13.

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Seth Meyers slams "culture of systemic misogyny and male entitlement"

NBC/Lloyd BishopLate Night host Seth Meyers, who has been the most aggressive of the late night hosts in addressing the ongoing scandal surrounding Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, upped his attack in Thursday's "A Closer Look" segment, criticizing the "systemic misogyny and male entitlement" in society.

“There is no doubt that this horrifying story reveals yet again a culture of systemic misogyny that exists at the highest levels of society," argued Meyers. "This should not be a partisan issue, it requires all of us to speak out and ask ourselves what we can do to address it.”

Meyers insisted that it's time for men to to take a stand on the issue, saying, “Women should not be held accountable for the predatory behavior of men," he said. "This is a problem. Men need to speak up and address their complicity in the system that allows this to happen.”

Meyers also slammed Weinstein's former adviser Lisa Bloom for defending him as being "an old dinosaur learning new ways."

"Dinosaurs don't learn new ways, they go extinct," Meyers noted. "They didn't survive because they learned to type. If you're a dinosaur, then this is your Ice Age, buddy, and unlike real dinosaurs, no one is ever going to try and bring back Harvey Weinstein."

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Country star Jason Aldean delivers cathartic Tulsa concert, his first since Las Vegas

Jason Aldean performs in Tulsa, OK; ABC News RadioAs Jason Aldean took the stage Thursday night in Tulsa, Oklahoma, it could’ve been any other night on his They Don’t Know trek -- until he sang his third song.

His impressive video intro rolled, and Aldean burst onstage to start the show with his current single that’s both the name of the tour and the title of his latest record. “They Don’t Know” led into “The Only Way I Know,” which segued into “Johnny Cash.”  And then Jason took nearly five minutes to talk about what was on most everyone’ s mind: the shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas nearly two weeks ago.  Jason was on stage performing when the worst mass shooting in American history began.

The Georgia native admitted he’d struggled since to figure out how to approach this show. 

“Every day that goes by, we think about the 58 people that lost their lives,” Jason told the crowd. “I don't really count that a****** that was doing the shooting for 59, I count the 58,” he added, as the crowd roared approval.

“… Our thoughts and prayers are with them and their family,” Jason went on, “and everybody else who was injured in that thing and everybody who just was there, because even though people may not have physical scars, it's gonna be a mental thing for a lot of people for a long time.”

There were more strong words to come from Jason, as he voiced his outrage over the violence that seems to threaten American life as we know it.

“These people are gonna continue to try and hold us down and continue to try to do things to us that are gonna make us live in fear and be scared, and not go out and do what it is we want to do, whether it's go to a concert or go to a ballgame or go to the mall or go to a movie," he said.  "And to those people that keep trying to do that, I say f*** you, we don't really care!”

“I want this to not be something that's gonna be a downer for the rest of the night…” he concluded. “I want to play the show for you guys that the people in Las Vegas came to see and didn't get a chance to, all right?”

From there, Jason stayed true to his word, delivering a barrage of close to twenty hits and favorites before his next mention of Las Vegas again. But this time, it was if he realized he’d cleared a hurdle, having almost made it through his first concert since the shooting.  He confessed it had been a struggle to physically stage the show, since most of his equipment is still part of a crime scene.

“I just want to say thank you guys, because you guys have helped us a ton tonight,” Jason declared. “You guys have helped us take the next step toward doing what we need to do: get out and play music and do what we do every night. And you guys have been a big reason for that tonight, so thank ya'll so much for being here.”

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The show must go on: Country star Jason Aldean resumes his tour for the first time for the first time since the Vegas massacre

ABC/Image Group LA(OKLAHOMA) -- Thursday night in Tulsa, Jason Aldean plays his very first concert since his set at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas was interrupted by gunfire.

Over the nearly two weeks since the deadliest shooting in modern U.S. history, Jason has paid tribute to the 58 people who lost their lives by opening Saturday Night Live with the late Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down,” and returned to Vegas to visit with some of the nearly 500 who were injured.

Tonight at Oklahoma’s BOK Center, the They Don’t Know Tour rolls on.  The trek is named after both Jason’s latest album, and his single, which is currently vying for #1.

Chris Young, Kane Brown, and DeeJay Silver -- who were all with Jason and his band in Vegas -- will also be at the show.

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Copyright © 2017, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.The educators seemed so enthusiastic about the subjects they taught, and dedicated to nurturing their students’ desire to learn. I was eager to learn more about the school, so I attended a Shadow Day, to get a feel for the day-to-day Montfort experience. What I learned there, and at a Renaissance Invitational program I attended subsequently, confirmed my initial feelings about The Montfort Academy: I felt I found the perfect school for me.

Twitter explains Rose McGowan's Twitter lockout, reactivates her account 

FilmMagic/Paul Archuleta(LOS ANGELES) -- Turns out, Rose McGowan's Twitter lock-out wasn't necessarily due to "powerful forces at work," as she claimed. 

McGowan, who's been extremely vocal about the recent harassment and abuse allegations against movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, revealed the news of her locked Twitter on her Instagram, adding quote, "There are powerful forces at work.  Be my voice." 

However, in a statement provided to ABC News, Twitter insists, "her account was temporarily locked because one of her Tweets included a private phone number, which violates our Terms of Service. The Tweet was removed and her account has been unlocked."  

The chief spokesperson for the company noted that, "Twitter is proud to empower and support the voices on our platform, especially those that speak truth to power," adding, "We stand with the brave women and men who use Twitter to share their stories..."

The New York Times reports McGowan reached a 100-thousand-dollar settlement from Weinstein after a hotel room encounter with him 20 years ago. 

The actress also responded Tuesday to Ben Affleck's criticism of Weinstein via Twitter by saying "you lie," in response to Affleck's statement that the allegations against his Good Will Hunting producer shocked him. McGowan insists she told Affleck about her alleged incident with the producer when it happened years ago.

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Kim Zolciak hires legal counsel after NeNe Leakes calls her "racist"

Bravo/Derek Blanks(LOS ANGELES) -- The feud between Real Housewives of Atlanta stars NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak is heating up, outside of their Bravo reality show.

After Kim's daughter Brielle released a now-deleted video claiming she saw roaches in NeNe's bathroom, Leakes went on social media to blast Kim and her daughter for being "racists" and using black people for a "come up." Kim, who later denied the accusations on Instagram, now tells E! News she's hired help to look into NeNe's accusations.

“I’ve hired a legal counsel at this point,” Zolciak said. "I don’t take this lightly.

Zolciak continued, “It’s one thing like I said to kind of banter back and forth and have an opinion. This is far beyond just having an opinion.”

According to Kim, NeNe's comments have also caused her daughter Brielle some major issues.

“We’ve had to make some changes in my everyday life with security and Brielle’s gotten a lot of threats on Instagram,” Zolciak explained. “I mean, it’s been a little rough. That’s why Brielle’s here with me in California right now.”

Kim adds that racism isn't something she takes lightly.

“People are dying over racism," she said. "I mean, this is a major issue, so I don’t want to hide this real life from them, but I definitely try to protect them as much as I can.”

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Kate Beckinsale comes forward with Harvey Weinstein accusations of her own

Getty Images via ABC/John Shearer(LOS ANGELES) -- Add Kate Beckinsale to the growing list of actresses accusing disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment.

In a lengthy Instagram post, the British star recalled an incident she claims took place when she was 17, in a setting familiar to anyone following the unfolding scandal: a hotel room.

"I assumed [the meeting] would be in a conference room," said Beckinsale, now 44, adding she was sent instead to Weinstein's room. "He opened the door in his bathrobe. I was incredibly naive and young and it did not cross my mind that this older, unattractive man would expect me to have any sexual interest in him."

Beckinsale writes she left "uneasy but unscathed," after "declining alcohol and announcing that I had school in the morning."

The Underworld series star continues: "A few years later he asked me if he had tried anything with me in that first meeting. I realized he couldn't remember if he had assaulted me or not.

"I said no to him professionally many times over the years," Beckinsale writes, "some of which ended up with him screaming...calling me a c*** and making threats..."

She also lamented "the status quo in this business" in which "standing up for myself and saying no to things...undoubtedly harmed my career."

Beckinsale also related a story of a male friend of hers whom she said attempted to warn another actress about Weinstein's behavior. "He received a phone call the next day saying he would never work in another Miramax film. [T]he girl was already sleeping with Harvey and had told him [of the warning]."

Beckinsale added, "I would like to applaud the women who have come forward," and pledged, "we can from this create a new paradigm," noting, "we in numbers can affect real change."

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"A little bit like Simon Cowell": Kelly Clarkson describes her "Voice" coaching style

Vincent Peters(LOS ANGELES) -- Kelly Clarkson rejected an offer from ABC’s American Idol, the show that gave the singer her big break, in favor of being a coach on NBC’s The Voice. But she says she plans to take her coaching style from Idol’s most notorious judge: Simon Cowell.

Speaking to Variety, Kelly says, “I hope I’m a little bit like Simon Cowell. For the most part, I love his honesty. This is not a nice industry. People think I am going to be super nice all the time. I am nice. But I also want to keep it real.”

As for why she chose The Voice over Idol, Kelly reiterates one of her past reasons, and offered a few new ones.

“At the end of the day, I don’t like being separate from my husband [Brandon Blackstock],” she explains, noting that he manages Blake Shelton. “We’re all there [at The Voice],” she says. “For American Idol, you have to travel.”

And, she adds, “It excites me to do something different. I’m not going to lie: I’m stoked about pushing the red button.”

Yet another reason she went with The Voice, though, is the fact that on that show, coaches really get to spend time with the contestants on their teams. “On Idol, you can’t really have a relationship [with the contestants],” Clarkson says. “And I, as you can tell, love talking and having relationships!”

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