'American Idol' night two: Who *isn't* going to Hollywood?

ABC/Eddy Chen(HOLLYWOOD) -- ABC's American Idol continued its two-night premiere event Monday with two more hours of auditions, and judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie were handing out golden tickets like they were going out of style.  It's possible they said no to hundreds of singers, but in two hours, we saw were exactly four "No's" -- and Lionel turned into a hugging machine.

Because there were so many "yeses," here's a look at just some of the standouts:

David Francisco, 25, from Nashville, TN: He moved to Music City to pursue his dreams, but was hit by a car and paralyzed from the waist down.  After much therapy and struggling, he can now walk with crutches.  He was accompanied by his fiancee Christie, who has stood by him through it all, in the audition room. After he sang Stevie Wonder's "Isn't She Lovely," Lionel hugged him, Katy cried, and all three judges told him he was going to Hollywood.

Rissa Watson, 17, from Apache, OK:  Rissa's from a tiny town where everyone knows everyone.  She's next in line to inherit her family's furniture store, but won't have to if she can make it as a singer.  After she sang Adele's "When We Were Young," Katy said she had "full body chills," and Luke compared her voice to an angel's.  She's going to Hollywood.

Thaddeus Johnson, from Oklahoma City, OK: He made it to Hollywood during Season 9 in 2010, but didn't go any further.  At one point, he weighed 390 pounds and considered taking his own life, but instead, he turned himself around and lost 162 pounds and counting.  After he sang "Don't You Worry Child" by Swedish House Mafia, all three judges gave him a return trip to Hollywood, and Lionel hugged him.

Lane Hardy, 17, Livingston, LA: A true country boy, he sang "Hurricane" by Band of Heathens and won the judges over with his soulful, gritty style.  "I think if you ain't careful, you might win American Idol," raved Luke.

Trevor Holmes, 27, Thousand Oaks, CA: A construction worker who's had a crush on Katy Perry for years, he bowled the judges over as soon as he walked in: Luke immediately dubbed him a "dreamboat" while Katy said "You're so hot...are you engaged?"  Trevor sang Brett Young's "In Case You Didn't Know," changing the lyrics to "In case you didn't know/Katy, I'm crazy 'bout you."  Katy and Treavor did some major flirting, but alas, he has a girlfriend...and a golden ticket.

Brandon Diaz, 21, Ashburn, VA: His father emigrated to Cuba as a child and taught Brandon everything he knows about singing.  Brandon just wants to make his dad proud and he did, scoring a golden ticket after singing "Unaware" by Allen Stone.  Katy declared he could be "top 10," and called him "the best male singer we've seen so far."

Michelle Sussett, 22, Miami, FL: Originally from Venezuela, the super-energetic singer performed a song in Spanish and then turned some music on and forced the judges to get up and dance with her.  They complied, but Katy slipped and fell.  Her already-very-short dress got hiked up so far that the producers covered her lower half with an American Idol censorship graphic.  Michelle still got a ticket to Hollywood, though.

William Casanova, 26, Washington, DC: A woman's shoe salesman, he charmed the judges with his smooth, flirtatious personality, and earned a golden ticket by singing Donny Hathaway's "A Song For You." But it was his day job that had the judges fascinated. "What do you do with the stinky feet?" asked Luke.  "What if they're missing a toe?" inquired Katy.  Eventually, she stuck out her foot, put the golden ticket between her toes and made William come and take it.

Gabbii Jones, 20, St. Louis, MO: Her father has given her 30 days to make her dreams of stardom come true, or else she's got to get a job.  Luckily, her somewhat over-the-top rendition of Ariana Grande's "Dangerous Woman" was enough to convince the judges to save her from a life of drudgery and send her to Hollywood.  And Lionel hugged her.  The producers liked her personality enough to put her in an interstitial Macy's commercial with Ryan Seacrest.

And some of the no's...

Misha Gontar, 26, Marengo, IL: Originally from the Ukraine, Misha sang a super-catchy but incredibly weird song that featured an "oo-ee-oh/bow bow bow" chant and speed-rapping in what we assume was Ukranian. He had the judges singing along with him, but there was no ticket for him.

Autumn Wood, 27, Katy, TX: The library clerk came in dolled up in what Katy described as "glamazon" style, but her version of "Total Eclipse of the Heart" was bizarre: She sounded like Cher with a bad cold.  It was a no.

American Idol continues next Sunday night on ABC with more auditions.

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Michael Caine on Woody Allen: "I wouldn't work with him again" 

Jeff Spicer/Getty Images(LONDON) -- Michael Caine, an Academy Award winner for his role in Woody Allen's 1986 film Hannah and Her Sisters, tells The Guardian he won't work with the director again.

"I am so stunned," Caine, 84, responded when asked about the recently resurfaced molestation allegations against Allen by his adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow.

"I’m a patron of [The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children] and have very strong views about paedophilia," he continues. "I can’t come to terms with it, because I loved Woody and had a wonderful time with him. I even introduced him to [Allen's ex-wife] Mia [Farrow]."

Adds Caine, "I don’t regret working with him, which I did in complete innocence; but I wouldn’t work with him again."

Allen has consistently denied the abuse allegation, including after his split from Farrow, when she accused Allen of molesting Dylan.

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Kylie Jenner spills secrets of her pregnancy and life with baby Stormi 

Brian Bowen Smith/E! Entertainment(LOS ANGELES) -- Kylie Jenner craved Eggos and thought she was having a boy during what she describes as her "perfect" pregnancy.

After staying mum throughout most of her pregnancy and the birth of her daughter Stormi, the E! reality star and makeup maven broke her silence Sunday with an impromptu Q&A with her 24.9 million Twitter followers.

"There really was no worst part! probably not being able to eat sushi lol," Jenner responded to a question about being pregnant with her first child. "I had such a perfect experience. she moved a lot."

The 20-year-old new mom also answered questions about motherhood and her baby girl, whose father is rapper Travis Scott.

"She hasn’t laughed yet. But she smiles A LOT," she tweeted.

"Can’t wait to watch her grow but don’t want her to at the same time!" she added.

Last month, Jenner announced on Instagram that she and Scott had welcomed a "beautiful and healthy baby girl" on Feb. 1.

"Pregnancy has been the most beautiful, empowering and life changing experience I've had in my entire life," she said at the time. "And I'm actually going to miss it."

She also apologized to fans for keeping the news under wraps while taking a self-imposed hiatus from social media.

"I'm sorry for keeping you in the dark through all the assumptions," she said. "I understand you're used to me bringing you along on all my journeys. My pregnancy was one I chose not to do in front of the world."

Since then, she has shared photos and more details of her pregnancy and life with Stormi with her fans. 

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Cameron Diaz is retired from acting, says pal Selma Blair

Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic(LOS ANGELES) -- Wondering why you haven’t seen Cameron Diaz on the big screen lately? Apparently, she’s retired from acting.

Diaz’s pal Selma Blair tells U.K.’s Metro that Diaz told her the news as they were chatting over lunch recently about a potential sequel to their 2002 film The Sweetest Thing.

“I had lunch with Cameron the other day,” Blair says. “We were reminiscing about the film. I would have liked to do a sequel but Cameron’s retired from acting. She’s like ‘I’m done.’”

Blair adds, “I mean, she doesn’t need to make any more films. She has a pretty great life, I don’t know what it would take to bring her back. She’s happy.”

Diaz, who’s married to musician Benji Madden, last appeared in 2014’s Annie remake. She has yet to confirm her retirement.

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"American Idol" alumni Scotty McCreery and Justin Guarini react to new season, offer advice to contestants 

ABC/Lorenzo Bevilaqua (L-R) Michael Strahan, Cecilia Vega, Justin Guarini, Scotty McCreery(NEW YORK) -- American Idol debuted on ABC Sunday night and a couple of former Idol contestants were among those watching to see what the reboot had in store.

First season runner-up Justin Guarini and season 10 winner Scotty McCreery both tuned in, and shared their thoughts on the new season on ABC's Good Morning America on Monday.  Afterwards, they told ABC Radio that they're fans of this season’s feel-good approach.


“I love that they really focused on the talented folks,” Justin says. “Even the people who were quote-unquote not so good, were still pretty decent. No one was there as a joke.”


Even though it’s much too early to have a winning pick, the two did name their favorites of the night. Justin went with fellow Philly native Dennis Lorenzo, who sang an Allen Stone tune, while Scotty was a fan of Congolese immigrant Ron Bultongez, who sang James Bay's "Let It Go."


Having been through the whirlwind process before, Justin and Scotty have some advice for the contestants, especially the younger ones.


“I would say what I've learned -- two things -- that it's show business, not show friendship,” Justin says. “You have to run yourself like you are your own business. And then secondly, you have to know who you are.”


Meaning, have a clear sense of everything from what kind of music you want to sing, to how you want to dress.


Scotty, who was just 16 when he auditioned, advises the young contestants to “take advice" and "listen” to the people with more experience than you. He adds, “But always make that final call and be true to yourself and just try to mold the advice into what you think you want to be.”


Scotty will be appearing this season as a mentor on the show, while Justin will be covering it as a special correspondent for 6ABC Action News in Philadelphia.


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Scott Baio's wife battling brain disease 

Amy Graves/WireImage(HOLLYWOOD) -- Former Charles in Charge actor Scott Baio's wife, Renee Baio, revealed on Saturday that she is battling microvascular brain disease.

When a Twitter user asked Renee how her health is, the former stuntwoman, who is 45 years old, replied, "Besides having 2 meningioma brain tumors, in Oct 2017 I also learned I have Microvascular Brain Disease."

Scott, who is 55 years old, retweeted her post, saying, "Unfortunately, this is true. Renee is forever my rock, my life & my soulmate! Toughest person I know. @MrsScottBaio."

Microvascular Brain Disease is characterized by changes to the small blood vessels in the brain. Changes to these vessels can contribute to developing dementia, strokes, mental decline and balance problems if left untreated.

Renee was diagnosed with meningioma brain tumors in 2014, but prior to that she also battled early stage breast cancer before undergoing three successful lumpectomies.

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SNL recreates Bachelor breakup with Robert Mueller 

Will Heath/NBC(NEW YORK) -- Saturday Night Live recreated The Bachelor's painful breakup scene in its cold open this weekend -- only instead of Arie Luyendyk Jr. breaking Becca K.'s heart, it was the Russia investigation’s special counsel Robert Mueller.

After SNL's Alex Moffat, playing Bachelor host Chris Harrison, introduced "unedited" footage, Becca -- played by castmember Cecily Strong -- was greeted by Mueller -- portrayed by the show's Kate McKinnon.

“I don’t think I can give you everything that you want right now, and I think you sense that,” says McKinnon's Mueller.

 “So what? You don’t have [President Donald Trump] on collusion?” she answers, before bursting into tears over the idea of Mueller not being able to build a convincing case against the President on the charge of collusion.

“Collusion is literally the only thing I’ve been looking forward to for the past year,” she says.

Just as with The Bachelor finale, Becca leaves the room, with Mueller still lurking in the hall.

“Do you have any good news for me?” asks Becca. “Do you own American steel?” offers Mueller. “Then no, I don’t.”

“I feel like we just need to come together as a country right now and stop hoping for things that might not happen,” Mueller concludes, before making a final attempt to console her with, Look, if it makes you feel any better, the ‘Kush’ is cooked," referring to the President’s Senior Advisor and son-in-law Jared Kushner.

“And also you’re the next Bachelorette.”

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"Black Panther" spends fourth week at #1, tops $1 billion worldwide at box office

Marvel Studios

(HOLLYWOOD) -- Black Panther grabbed an estimated $41.1 million over the weekend in North America, making it the first film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to spend four weeks at the top of the box office. The film also passed $1 billion worldwide.

The latest Marvel film also becomes the first since Lucasfilm's Star Wars: The Force Awakens to spend four straight weeks at number one following its release and the third biggest fourth week of all-time, also behind The Force Awakens.

Overseas, Black Panther added an estimated $100 million, bringing its worldwide total, including North America, to estimated $1.078 billion.

In second place was Disney's A Wrinkle in Time -- the fantasy adventure starring Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon and Mindy Kaling -- delivering an estimated $33.3 million in its opening weekend, with an additional $6.3 million overseas.

The Strangers: Prey at Night finished in third place with an estimated $10.2 million, followed by Red Sparrow in fourth place, earning an estimated $8.15 million.

Rounding out the top five was Game Night, pulling in an estimated $7.9 million.

Disney is the parent company of Marvel, Lucasfilm and ABC.

Here are the top 10 movies from Friday through Sunday, with estimated weekend gross ticket sales:

1. Black Panther, $41.1 million
2. A Wrinkle in Time, $33.3 million
3. The Strangers: Prey at Night, $10.2 million
4. Red Sparrow, $8.15 million
5. Game Night, $7.9 million
6. Peter Rabbit, $6.8 million
7. Death Wish, $6.6 million
8. The Hurricane Heist, $3.15 million
9. Annihilation, $3.15 million
10. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, $2.75 million

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Ava DuVernay says "A Wrinkle in Time" helped her "tap into [her] inner child" and "see the bright side" of life

ABC/Paula Lobo

(NEW YORK) -- Ava DuVernay became the ultimate "warrior of light" with her latest cinematic endeavor, Disney's A Wrinkle in Time.

The film, which boasts an all-star cast of Oprah Winfrey, Mindy Kaling, Reese Witherspoon and newcomer Storm Reid, was a different type of undertaking for the Oscar-nominated DuVernay.

"It was really wonderful to have the opportunity to jump genres as a director," DuVernay tells ABC Radio. "It's something that we all dream of being able to be muscular in different areas of your filmmaking."

A Wrinkle in Time is a change of pace for DuVernay.  "I always look at Steven Spielberg. He can do  E.T. but he can also do Schindler's List," she says.  And so we need to be able to, if you have interest to pursue that -- and Disney gave me the opportunity to do that. And so, while I make 13th about serious issues, or Selma, I was able to design flowers and let little girls fly with A Wrinkle in Time and that was beautiful."

Of course, DuVernay had another major assist with the film: her adolescent self, which she says allowed her to see "the bright side a lot more."

"I really had to tap into my inner child in the making of the film just as I want adults to tap into their inner child as they're watching the film," she explains. "There's something really freeing about letting go of the cynicism and dwelling in the darkness and division that's going on in the world right now, and just to look at beauty and experience joy. And I got to do that for two years making this film."

A Wrinkle in Time, based on Madeleine L'Engle beloved children's book, opened Friday from Disney, parent company of ABC News.

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Welcome back, "American Idol": Luke, Katy & Lionel find talent in four cities

ABC/Eric Liebowitz(HOLLYWOOD) -- American Idol is back to sing another day. The show's two-hour premiere Sunday night on its new network, ABC, showed a kinder, gentler side of the singing competition, which previously ran for 15 seasons on Fox.

Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan are at the judges' table this time around and fortunately -- or maybe unfortunately -- there isn't a Simon Cowell-type in the bunch.

Here’s a rundown of the contestants who hit the high notes and the ones who didn’t:

New York

The first audition stop is New York City, where the first contestant is a 17-year-old with a guitar and a whole lot of personality. Catie Turner from Pennsylvania sings the judges an original song called “21st Century Machine,” and wins them over with her unique perspective and strong sense of self.  She gets thee yeses and a golden ticket to Hollywood.

Ron Bultongez is a 22-year-old who emigrated from the Congo 10 years ago. He has an emotional backstory, but fails to immediately wow Katy and Lionel with his rendition of James Bay’s “Let It Go.” Luke is sold on his talent, but Katy and Lionel give him a “no” because they feel he hasn’t found his identity yet. Lionel can't seem to get Ron out of his head, though, and he brings him back to change his vote to “yes.”

The other showcased contestants from New York include Maddie Poppe, who sings The Muppet Movie song “Rainbow Connection,” and gets three yeses for her “storyteller voice”; and Koby, a 26-year-old musical theater performer from Denver, who belts perhaps the longest, loudest vocal run in Idol history. Sent packing by the judges, Koby complains bitterly to the camera that “Katy was jealous” of her.


The auditions then head to Nashville, where we meet 16-year-old Harper Grace. When Harper was 11, she became an Internet laughingstock for singing what was considered the “worst national anthem ever.” But she redeems herself in front of the judges, singing an original country song she wrote. She gets three yeses.

The judges also give three yeses -- along with some cautionary advice -- to 16-year-old Kentucky cutie, Layla Spring, who brings her 7-year-old sister along to the audition. The judges believe she has the vocal chops, but want her to prepare herself for the rigors and disappoints of the biz.

Last, we see 19-year-old socially awkward cashier, Benjamin Glaze. He admits to the judges that he’s never kissed a girl, and gets knocked for a loop when Katy tricks him into a kiss on the lips. A flustered Benjamin needs some water before he can perform, and he then sings a Nick Jonas song. The judges don’t think he’s ready for Hollywood, but at least he got a first kiss out of the deal.

Los Angeles

In L.A., we see two polar opposites: sullen rocker Nico Bones and jolly farm boy Noah Davis.

Nico sings a bizarre song about eating worms and pretty much gets an immediate “no” from all the judges. Noah, meanwhile, immediately wins them over with his sparkling personality, and really blows them away once he sits down at the piano and begins a soulful rendition of “Stay” by Rihanna. In the words of Katy Perry: “Wig: snatched!”


At Disney Springs in Orlando, Florida, we get a taste of the best and worst Idol has to offer.

The worst contestant of the episode, 26-year-old Moscow-native Sardor Milano, claims he was the 2015 winner of X Factor: Russia. But his ear-piercing high notes leave the judges speechless -- in a bad way.

Two yeses include 15-year-old Alyssa Raghu, who gets a “top 10” prediction from the judges with her version of an Ariana Grande tune, and 16-year-old Zach Denofrio, who has a high-pitched speaking voice but turns into a Frank Sinatra-type crooner when he sings.

The show saves the best for last: 26-year-old Philly native Dennis Lorenzo. He strums his battered guitar and sings a star-making rendition of “Unaware” by Allen Stone. The judges are blown away and he gets his golden ticket. “We don’t have to convince ourselves that this sounds good -- it just does,” Katy says.


More American Idol auditions continue tonight on ABC.

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