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Tove Lo Reveals Her Own Bad "Habits" 

Photo credit: Johannes HeljeOn her breakout hit "Habits (Stay High)," Swedish singer Tove Lo sings about indulging in all kinds of terrible things to keep her mind off her ex, like going to sex clubs and getting drunk.  But in real life, the singer says she's got a few bad habits of her own.

Speaking to Billboard, Tove, whose birth name is Tove Nilsson, cops to sleeping in her bathtub when she comes home drunk. "I sometimes fall asleep, which is bad," she reveals. "But I always wake up when the water hits my face."

Another bad habit of hers, she says, is leaving really, really, really long voicemails. "Instead of just saying, 'Hey, call me back,' I record the whole thing I wanted to talk about and keep the conversation going, even though no one's answering me. I do that every time," she says.

Drinking too much coffee and leaving the lights in her apartment are a couple other bad habits Tove admits to.  But the worst one, she says, is not being able to stay in one relationship, and falling in love too easily.  "My whole album is kind of about that, the way my relationships go," she says. "That's definitely a habit."

Tove's album Queen of the Clouds is out on Tuesday.  Her VH1 You Oughta Know headlining tour is currently underway; she performs in New York City on Wednesday.

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