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Incubus' Brandon Boyd discusses "heavy," Skrillex-mixed new album, "8"

Island RecordsWhen Incubus began work on what would become their new album, 8, their first full-length record in six years, the band had originally set out to record Trust Fall (Side B), the companion to 2015's Trust Fall (Side A) EP. However, they soon realized they had something bigger on their hands.

"As we started to keep moving, we saw that this was definitely an LP in the making," frontman Brandon Boyd tells ABC Radio. "And that we could always do a second EP and complete the Trust Fall thing at any point."

Just as 8 began with a surprise, it also ended with one. When Incubus thought they had finished the album, they received a visit from none other than EDM star Skrillex.

"We thought we were done [recording], we were actually really proud of it," Boyd explains. "We were like, 'Oh wow, check out this record!' and [Skrillex] was like, 'This is awesome! Can I check out this one song right here for like an hour?'"

Incubus was so impressed with what Skrillex did with the song that they invited him to mix the entire record and add production to a few tracks.

"Skrillex helped us...unearth another layer that none of us realized was there," Boyd says.

Even with Skrillex's contribution to 8, Boyd promises the album is still a "rock n' roll record," especially when compared to Incubus' last full-length, 2011's If Not Now, When?.

"That was sort of like this dark pop-rock album, and it was sort of slow and moody," he says. "This one's moody, but it's mostly kinda heavy and energetic."

8 is out today.

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