Country star trivia

Comstock/Thinkstock The Eagles landed their first -- and only -- top-ten hit on the country chart with this deceptive track from 1975. Can you name the second single from their One of These Nights album? ANSWER: "Lyin' Eyes."

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Makes me feel like a "Millionaire": Chris Stapleton opens for the Eagles this weekend

ABC/Image Group LA This weekend, Chris Stapleton not only plays his own sold-out stop on his All-American Road Show tour, but he's also opening for The Eagles at AT&T Stadium in Dallas, Texas. 

"Yeah, it's great, you know," Chris says of the opportunity. "What more could you ask for out of a year? You get to go out and play some of your own shows and play some stadiums with heroes. So it's a real good year for us."

The "Broken Halos" hitmaker admits he jumped at the chance to get to know the musical icons a little better.

"I have only met Don Henley in hallways at awards shows," Chris tells ABC Radio, "and I doubt if he would remember that."

"I have spoken to Joe Walsh," Chris continues. "I've played a few things with Joe Walsh, and he actually called me to play his charity thing, and we're trying to work that out. So I know Joe a little bit just from a phone conversation," he laughs. 

"Vince Gill, I guess he's an honorary Eagle at this point. I know him better than any of the other guys," Chris admits.  

Chris plays Rogers, Arkansas on Friday night, before taking the stage at the home of the Dallas Cowboys on Saturday. His wife Morgane won't be along on this summer's trek, as she's home taking care of their newborn twins. 

Chris's new single, "Millionaire," is currently climbing the country chart. 

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Foo Fighters, Corey Taylor, Joe Perry & more win "Kerrang!" Awards

Credit: Brantley GutierrezThe 2018 Kerrang! Awards were held in London Thursday night, and the British magazine handed out prizes to Foo Fighters, Slipknot's Corey Taylor and Aerosmith's Joe Perry.

Dave Grohl and company took home the Best International Band and Best International Live Act titles, while Taylor earned the Kerrang! Legend award. Perry won the Kerrang! Inspiration prize, which was presented by his Hollywood Vampires band mate, Johnny Depp.

Other winners included Black Sabbath's Tony Iommi, who was named the Kerrang! Icon, and Biffy Clyro, who won Best British Band.

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Dave Matthews sings trap music on 'The Tonight Show'

Andrew Lipovsky/NBCDave Matthews was Jimmy Fallon's musical guest on Thursday's Tonight Show and also put his spin on some popular rap tunes, in a sketch called "Dave Matthews Sings Trap Music."

"Do you enjoy the ominous, bass-heavy bouts of trap music, but wish it had a more jammin', earthy sound?" asked Fallon, seated in a study and decked out in a long-haired wig, black turtleneck shirt and a tan blazer. "You're going to love this brand new music album, 'Dave Matthews Sings Trap Music,' he continued, holding up a mock album cover that showed Matthews seated on a throne with a crown and scepter, as pair of doves circled around him.

Matthews proceeded to deliver jazzed up covers of Migos' "Stir Fry," Lil Pump's "Gucci Gang" and Cardi B's "Bodak Yellow."

Later, Matthews chatted with Fallon on a number of topics, including his distaste for karaoke. The 51-year-old rocker said he set foot in a karaoke bar just once, with actor Ryan Gosling, who immediately jumped on stage and belted out a song. Matthews recalled that he refused to follow Gosling, who was "awesome."

"The four people that can see past him and see me are like, 'are you gonna sing now?'" he explained. "I'm like, 'Yeah,'" he replied sarcastically.

Likewise, don't ask Matthews to sing at a wedding. When asked to performs, he says, "I just don't respond."

"Or [I] pretend that it's a joke," he adds. "I just go, "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. Yes."

Finally, Dave Matthews Band closed the show with a performance of "Samurai Cop (Oh Joy Begin)," from their latest release, Come Tomorrow, which recently became their seventh number-one album.

Dave Matthews Band is currently touring North America in support of Come Tomorrow.

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Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl talks Taylor Swift, Paul McCartney on 'The Late Late Show"

Gina Wetzler/RedfernsDave Grohl and the Foo Fighters helped James Corden close out The Late Late Show's week in London with a performance of "Best of You." 

Before the musical number, Grohl sat down with Corden and Game of Thrones' Sophie Turner. Earlier in the show, Corden premiered "Carpool Karaoke" with Paul McCartney, with whom Grohl said he's collaborated a few times. Grohl explained that he even learned to play guitar by listening to The Beatles.

"I had this Beatles songbook, which has simple chord charts," Grohl said. "I would just sit with my guitar in my bedroom, put on the record and play along to it. I didn't really have a teacher. I just learned from The Beatles."

Now that he's gotten the chance to jam with the music legend, Grohl said he's never gotten over being nervous when performing with McCartney. He recalled one time at a party when he was asked to follow a McCartney performance on piano with one of his own. Grohl says he panicked, not only because he couldn't play piano, but also because he was "out of sorts," meaning either intoxicated or high.

But then, someone unlikely saved him: Taylor Swift

"Right in that moment, Taylor Swift stands up," Grohl said. "She saved my a**."

He said Swift started playing a song that sounded familiar -- again, because of how "out of sorts" he was. Turns out, Swift it was the Foo Fighters' own "Best of You."

Foo Fighters are currently touring Europe in support of its latest studio album, Concrete and Gold. They'll launch a U.S. tour in July.

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Paul McCartney takes a trip down memory (and Penny) lane in latest "Carpool Karaoke"

Craig Sugden/CBS The Late Late Show has gone full Beatlemania. 

Closing out his week in London, James Corden gave music legend and former Beatles member Paul McCartney a ticket to ride with him for the latest "Carpool Karaoke," with the two taking a trip down memory lane through McCartney's Liverpool hometown.

Their first stop was on Penny Lane itself, where the pair sang "Penny Lane" and then got out of the car to visit popular stops along the street -- even the barbershop that's mentioned in the song, where there was a framed photo on the wall of John Lennon giving McCartney a haircut during their Fab Four days.

The car ride took an emotional turn when they started singing "Let it Be." Corden, moved to tears, recalled that it was one of his late grandfather's favorite songs. 

"That's the power of music," McCartney said. 

The two then visited the house in which McCartney lived when he and John Lennon wrote some of the band's first songs. Inside, McCartney explained he wrote a lot of music in "the bog" -- Brit slang for bathroom -- because of the great acoustics. He also explained that this father wanted them to change "She loves you yeah, yeah, yeah" to "She loves you yes, yes, yes" to avoid "Americanisms." 

After a quick bit back in the car during which Corden briefly dressed up in all the staple Beatles looks, they arrived at the Philarmonic, a pub that the Beatles used to perform at when they first started. Corden told the locals to put a coin in the jukebox and select a Beatles song. When they did, the stage curtain opened and there was McCartney and his band. They performed "Hard Day's Night, "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da," "Love Me Do" and "Back in the U.S.S.R." as the delighted patrons danced and sang along.

McCartney then invited Corden on the stage to sing "Hey Jude" together, which became a moving performance for everyone. 

McCartney's latest album, Egypt Station, drops September 7. His first singles from the album, "I Don't Know" and "Come On to Me," are available now.

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It's "Tequila" shots for everyone, as Dan + Shay's self-titled third album arrives on Friday

ABC/Image Group LA On Friday, Dan + Shay come full circle, as the project they started teasing right after the first of the year arrives in stores and online. 

Though their self-titled album is only their third, through the years, Dan Smyers and Shay Mooneyhave become masters at engaging their fans on social media, just as they did by hinting the lead single, "Tequila," was coming in January. 

"We've found creative ways to deliver the music to fans," Dan reflects. "It's not always just about having a great song, but having a great accompaniment piece, having a great video."

For the album's first release, that meant traveling to the mountains of Colorado and braving the weather.

"We go all out on that stuff," Dan admits. "We shot the 'Tequila' video, we flew all the way out to Breckenridge, and stood out in the snowy, cold day for I don't know -- How many takes did we do? Shay said we did 96 takes of the video. I think it was like three," he jokes.

"It was like three," Shay agrees, "but it felt like 96."

The effort has paid off, as "Tequila" sits at #3 on the chart, with a shot at hitting the top spot next week.

"It's just a great opportunity we have in 2018," Dan says of social media, "to be able to post something on Instagram, rather than just a WAV or an MP3 of the song."

"But to put your vision out there," he goes on, "you know, what you saw when you wrote the song, or what you saw when you recorded the song, to be able to share that with fans on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, whatever it may be... It's a great opportunity for us." 

The duo's most recent album, Obsessed, came out in 2016.

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Nashville notes

Burke/Triolo Productions/Thinkstock Country Music Hall of Famer Charlie Daniels will both speak and perform at the first-ever Veteran Impact Celebration next Thursday at The Grove at Williamson Place in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. The sold-out benefit will raise money for the Charlie and Hazel Daniels Veterans and Military Family Center on the campus of nearby Middle Tennessee State University.

If you're feeling like a little Christmas in July, AXS TV will air Faith Hill's Joy to the World holiday special as part of an an all-day block of holiday programming in the summertime. You can catch Faith's contribution at 2:30 p.m. ET on Saturday, July 28.

If you missed Kacey Musgraves doing the Golden Hour track "Rainbow" on Late Night with Seth Meyers, you can watch her performance now on YouTube.

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Less stress, more success: How "Meant to Be" influenced Bebe Rexha's debut album

Warner Bros.

If you'd told Bebe Rexha last year that she'd spend most of 2018 holding down the #1 spot on the country chart, she wouldn't have believed you.  But the success of her Florida Georgia Line collaboration, "Meant to Be," is just one of the little surprises that helped to inspire the title of her debut album Expectations, in stores today.

"My life in general, I’ve always expected things to go a certain way," Bebe tells ABC Radio. "And I always expected to, like, be married by now and have kids and I think just life is so unexpected."

"I never thought I would have a song with Florida Georgia Line, and have such an incredible country song, so life is just really interesting," she adds. "You don’t really know what’s gonna happen."

While Expectations is a pop album, Bebe says there are definitely a few tracks on it where "there's a little bit of bleeding in from the country world."

"I feel like I’ve been really inspired by it," she explains. "I feel like country music is very real and honest and raw and it’s like storytelling, and these are definitely, like, real things that have happened to me."

In fact, Bebe says she's enjoyed her experience in the country music world so much, "Meant to Be" probably won't be her last country collabo.

"I love the energy [of Nashville] and I just love the country community," she gushes. "There’s so much love, and it's kinda funny, but I feel like I have a little less stress when I write country music."

"It just feels so much more’s so much more about the lyrics and the story and I love that," Bebe adds. "And it feels like, I dunno, like more therapeutic to me."

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Ella Mai remembers growing up wanting to play like -- and look like -- Alicia Keys

Interscope recordsElla Mai is one of the breakthrough artists of the year, thanks to her number one hit, “Boo’d Up.”  She says growing up, her musical and style inspiration was another young artist who topped the chart with her debut single: Alicia Keys.

The British singer tells Billboard that after seeing Keys in the 1990s, “I learned to braid my hair.”  Mai also says the 15-time Grammy Award winner inspired her to learn piano.

Named after the legendary Ella Fitzgerald, Mai moved from London to New York City with her family. When she volunteered to sing the national anthem at her high school graduation, the reaction was so positive that she was inspired her to pursue a music career.

“They were like, ‘You can sing?’' she remembers people saying. Mai moved back to London and studied music. After appearing on The X Factor U.K as part of a group, Mai got her big break when she began posting cover songs on Instagram.

DJ Mustard, whose credits include songs with RihannaChris BrownJohn Legend, Snoop Dogg,Lil Wayne, and Nicki Minaj, was so impressed with Mai's music that he slid into her DM's. 

“I went on his page to make sure it was really him,” Mai remembers. “I never would have imagined it would land me where I am today.”

Mustard ended up signing Mai to his label, 10 Summers Records.  He also produced her three EPs, as well as “Boo’d Up.”

Mai is performing at the BET Awards Sunday in Los Angeles, and at the Essence Festival on July 7 in New Orleans.

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Here's what was "taunting" Trent Reznor when he recorded "Bad Witch" 

The Null CorporationTrent Reznor clearly had a lot on his mind when he recorded Nine Inch Nails' new album Bad Witch -- the six-track collection tackles everything from politics to depression. But as he tells Entertainment Weekly, there was one thing that was "taunting" him during the recording process: the saxophone.

Reznor plays the sax quite a bit on Bad Witch, partly as a nod to one of his personal heroes, David Bowie, who also played the sax. But the direction was also influenced by British '80s new wave band The Psychedelic Furs.

"I think back to [being] younger, reading about Psychedelic Furs as a bunch of students that all picked instruments and learned enough to make a record," Reznor explains. "As someone that had studied his a** off how to play an instrument, I thought, 'You can do that?'"

"Some people worried about technique or if it's in tune, or if it's played well," he continues. "[For Bad Witch, I thought], 'Let's just use it and add to the mayhem and message we are trying to convey.' All this time [the sax] had been just sitting in my studio staring at me. Taunting me."

You can hear that taunting sax now on Bad Witch, which is out today.

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The Wombats remember hearing "Buddy Holly" ahead of tour opening for Weezer and Pixies

Credit: Phil SmithiesWeezer and Pixies will kick off their co-headlining tour tonight in West Palm Beach, Florida, and they'll be joined by The Wombats.  It's a fitting lineup, considering the fact that The Wombats might not even exist today if they hadn't heard the music of Rivers Cuomo and company.

"Weezer was one of the reasons I started to play in a band," bassist Tord Øverland Knudsen tells ABC Radio. "The Blue Album was on repeat when I was about 11 years old."

Frontman Matthew Murphy, meanwhile, covered Weezer while playing in "dire college bands," and drummer Dan Haggis remembers Weezer's smash "Buddy Holly" as being a big part of his youth.

"We used to go to this rock club in Liverpool, and 'Buddy Holly' was pretty much played every single night that you were there dancing," Haggis says. "I think at first, I don't even know if I knew exactly who it was -- it was just one of my favorite songs on the playlist that the DJ would always play."

"If you would've told our 15-year-old selves that we were gonna play with Weezer and Pixies, we would've been pretty...well, we wouldn't have believed you," he adds. 

If you want to hear more of Weezer's influence on The Wombats, you can listen to their new album Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life, which features the hit "Turn."

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Paul McCartney teamed up with OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder because he wanted "something commercial" 

MJ KimConsidering he's one of the most successful musicians in history, you wouldn't think Paul McCartney would need any help writing something commercially successful.  But in a new interview, the Beatles legend admits that on his new album, he required some assistance from another guy with a pretty good catalogue of hits himself: OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder.

In addition to OneRepublic's smash singles like "Counting Stars" and "Apologize," Ryan has also written hits for Beyoncé, Kelly Clarkson, Adele, Leona Lewis, Maroon 5, Ellie Goulding, Taylor Swift and many others.  So when Paul's producer suggested he work with Ryan on some songs, Paul went for it.

Speaking to DIY magazine, McCartney says, "I liked the idea of Ryan and I listened to [Beyoncé’s] ‘Halo’ that he was part of....I...rang him up and we chatted."

Paul continues, "[Ryan] said, ‘What do you hope to get [out of this]?’ I was like, 'Oh I don’t know.' And then I thought, 'Come on Paul, don’t be so shy.' So I said, ‘A hit?’ And he was like ‘Yeah! Now you’re talking my language! The world loves a hit!’ So that was our brief. To do something commercial."

"In a week, we ended up with three songs and one of them was [the song] ‘Fuh You’, which is on the album," says Paul.

You can hear the results of Paul McCartney and Ryan Tedder's work on Paul's new album, Egypt Station, which is coming out. September 7. 

McCartney isn't the first member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with whom Ryan's worked, by the way: he also produced the lead single from U2's 2017 album, Songs of Experience.

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Mike Nesmith falls ill, forcing cancellation of remaining dates of his tour with fellow Monkee Micky Dolenz

Michael Tullberg/Getty ImagesThe Monkees' Mike Nesmith fell ill today prior to his and longtime band mate Micky Dolenz's scheduled concert in the Philadelphia suburb of Glenside, Pennsylvania, and now the remaining dates of the duo's tour have been postponed.

According to a statement on The Monkees' official Facebook page, Nesmith "had a minor health issue today in advance of his tour date...He visited a local medical facility and, although the issue was not serious, was advised to rest for the next week...Nesmith has been dismissed from the hospital and is traveling back to his home in Carmel Valley [California]."

The message also explains that Mike "is in good spirits and thanks all the fans for their support and understanding. He looks forward to getting back on the stage again soon."

The other three postponed shows had been scheduled for this Friday at the Beacon Theatre in New York City; Saturday at The Paramount in Huntington, New York; and Monday at the Count Basie Theatre in Red Ban, New Jersey.

The Monkees Present: The Mike & Micky Show tour kicked off on June 1 in Chandler, Arizona, and marked the first time that Nesmith and Dolenz had hit the road together as a duo. The Monkees members had been showcasing a set featuring a mix of hits and songs that rarely or never had been played live before.

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Listen to Live's first new song with Ed Kowalczyk in over 10 years, "Love Lounge" 

Credit: Clay Patrick McBrideLive has released a new song called "Love Lounge," the band's first track with original frontman Ed Kowalczyk in over a decade. The grungy rocker, which will appear on a forthcoming, currently untitled EP, is streaming now via

"I'm really proud of what we have been creating in the studio," Kowalczyk says in a statement to Rolling Stone. "[It's] a testament to our shared love of music, each other, and our fans. I'm super excited to get to share this first taste of what we've been up to...and there's lots more to come from Live."

"Love Lounge" is the first Live track to be released since Kowalczyk rejoined the band late 2016, 10 years after he recorded his last album with the group, 2006's Songs from Black Mountain. In between, Live released one album, 2014's The Turn, with another singer.

Live will kick off a tour with Counting Crows June 27 in Boise, Idaho.

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Some like it hot: Watch Tim McGraw torture himself

ABC/Image Group LA Some like it hot, just like the song says, and apparently Tim McGraw is one of those folks. 

You can watch the "Humble and Kind" hitmaker and some of his road buddies taking the "Pepper Pyramid Challenge" in a new YouTube video. In the clip, Tim and his cohorts taste different combinations of ten varieties of chili peppers, ranging in heat from a mild 300 to a scorching two million Scoville Heat Units. 

If you don't happen to be pepper proficient, the Scoville scale measures the heat of peppers or other spicy foods. If you've wondering why Tim would undertake such a masochistic challenge, it's apparently a promo for a kit you can buy online. The ten bottles of hot sauce will cost you about 40 bucks. 

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Listen to Stevie Nicks duet with LeAnn Rimes on new version of the pop-country singer's tune "Borrowed"

Kristin Burns; ABC/Mitch HaasethStevie Nicks has teamed up with LeAnn Rimes to record a duet version of the pop-country star's 2013 tune "Borrowed," which appears on LeAnn's just-released Re-Imagined EP.

Nicks, whom Rimes cites as a longtime influence, tells Rolling Stone that she chose "Borrowed" to record with LeAnn after seeing the younger singer perform it on The Tonight Show in 2013.

"I stopped in my tracks and sat down on the floor and started to cry," the 70-year-old rock legend admits. "I understood what she was singing about. I understood that the pain was real...and I understood that it had happened to me. When the song ended, I called my assistant to tell her that one day, I would sing this song with LeAnn. It was our destiny."

Rimes co-wrote the heartfelt ballad with Dan Wilson and Darrell Brown. The new version was co-produced by LeAnn, Stevie, Brown and Nicks' longtime guitarist Waddy Wachtel. It features the Fleetwood Mac singer handling the low harmonies while Rimes soars above Nicks.

Stevie also tells Rolling Stone that she's blown away by LeAnn's vocal talents.

"You can't compete with her; you can only keep up with her," Nicks declares. "To sing with her is to be blessed. She teaches you; she takes you along for the ride. She takes you on her journey and you arrive a much better singer."

The admiration is clearly mutual, as Rimes adds, "Stevie has been inspiring me as a songwriter and performer since I can remember. To know that my music has seeped its way into her heart the way her music has into mine is magical."

Check out Nicks and Rimes' duet now at LeAnn's official YouTube channel. Re-Imagined also includes new versions of four other Rimes tunes.

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"This One's for You Too": Luke Combs gives fans "The Best of Me" as new single

ABC/Randy HolmesLuke Combs' next single will be the fan favorite "She Got the Best of Me" --  one of five new recordings on the re-release of his debut album, titled This One's for You Too

Luke originally cut the track back in 2014 -- when he was still living in Boone, North Carolina -- for his Can I Get an Outlaw EP. "She Got the Best of Me" is the follow-up to his three previous #1 songs "Hurricane," "When It Rains It Pours," and "One Number Away." 

Expect to hear those songs and more next Thursday, as Luke's new episode of CMT Crossroads with R&B star Leon Bridges premieres at 10 p.m. ET. 

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Which late superstar's guitar did John Mayer use to record his latest single?

Carlos SerraoJohn Mayer may be a hugely famous pop star who's dated some of the world's most desirable women, but he's also a total guitar geek.  In a new video for IGTV, Instagram's app for watching long-form vertical videos, he explains in excruciating detail how he recorded his latest single, "New Light." Along the way, he also reveals that he used a late, great superstar's guitar to do it.

During the video, John plays a part of the bridge of "New Light," and explains, "This guitar part right here is played on Prince's guitar. and I'm not making that up. It was an incredible day, because we were working on this part of the song -- which was definitely Prince-tastic -- and the guitar magically came across the table in the studio from a just appeared. For an hour."

"We didn’t know it was coming and we were working on this part of the song that needed this part. It was one of the strangest, most beautiful, serendipitous moments," John continues. "Prince’s guitar showed up. So we sort of got into the spirit of the way Prince would’ve done it."

"New Light" is a stand-alone single from John which was released back in May.

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At Cannes Lions Festival, JAY-Z wins Grand Prix award for “Smile” video

ABC/Randy HolmesJAY-Z’s latest award is definitely bringing a “smile” to his face.

The ROC Nation CEO has won the Grand Prix for Excellence in Music Video award at the 2018 Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity in Cannes, France for “Smile.”

Shot in the actual apartment where Jay grew up in the 1970’s, the poignant mini-movie for the song from his 4:44 album tells the true story of his mother, Gloria Carter, raising four children in the Marcy Projects in Brooklyn, New York. 

In the lyrics, Jay reveals, “Mama had four kids, but she’s a lesbian…Society shame and the pain was too much to take."

In the video, we see actress Dominique Fishback portraying Gloria, who's shown crying as her female lover leaves their apartment; Jay then comes to comfort her.

The end of the video cuts to his mother in the present day reciting a poem she wrote based on her experience coming out as gay. She says, “Living two lives, happy, but not free. You live in the shadows for fear of someone hurting your family or the person you love…Love who you love, because life isn’t guaranteed. Smile.”

At first, Gloria told her son not to reveal her sexual orientation, but she eventually agreed he should release the song. 

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